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digital arts and realities

The first two editions of Multiplica, in 2017 and 2019, sought to introduce visitors to a wide variety of artistic approaches exploring digital technology as means of expression. The 2021 edition of Multiplica will be a more engaged one.

There will be fascinating digital works to enjoy but every event will also give the audience the possibility to go further, towards a deeper understanding of today's hyper-connected society, by offering some key pointers. Since we hold digital tools in our hands on a daily basis, we might as well try and retain power instead of letting it slip through our fingers. Time has come for both rookies and seasoned users to question the environmental and societal impact of these technologies. Issues of neutrality and inclusiveness in the digital sphere – frequent topics of discussion but that are rarely followed by action – will not be eluded. There is no shortage of matters for debate.

During four weekends between February and December, digital artists and experts will share their experiences, concerns and criticisms through installations and performances, encounters and workshops. The audience will be able to expand their knowledge and sharpen their perception of today's digital world. The hope behind Multiplica is that visitors come away with a better understanding of digital age issues and better equipped to debate them. Once technology is demystified, it becomes easier to master the digital tools if offers, be it for artistic purposes or for social engagement.

Multiplica is organised by:

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+352 2662 2030

Coordination: Yves Conrardy

Programming: Marc Scozzai, Joëlle Linden, Marc Hauser, Yves Conrardy

Technical: Nico Tremblay, Yann Gelezuinas, David Dominici

Communication and press: Arnaud Mouriamé, Julie Bolterys, Claire Thill, Véronique Heitz, Ruben Dos Santos

Sponsoring and production: Tom Karier

Box office: Catherine Chevreux, Erminia Moricone

Volunteers (SVN): Claire Doan, Claire Molitor

Graphic design and execution: Rotondes, Steve Gerges

Artist interviews: Maxence Grugier

Translation: Neel Chrillesen

Acknowledgements: The artists, Finkapé, CID | Fraen an Gender, Pink Ladies - Queer Women Luxembourg, GoldenMe, 2030 When I Grow Up, Art+Feminism, Frënn vun der Ënn, Chaos Computer Club Luxembourg, Maxence Grugier


The Rotondes team


Julie Bolterys, Susana Brokhausen, Maxine Celotto, Catherine Chevreux, Yves Conrardy, Mirka Costanzi, Marine Deravet, Claire Doan, Angélique D'Onghia, Mariana Dos Santos, Ruben Dos Santos, David Dominici, Noah Fohl, Yann Gelezuinas, Laura Graser, Marc Hauser, Véronique Heitz, Tom Karier, Claude Lettal, Joëlle Linden, Paula Magalhães, Steph Meyers, Claire Molitor, Erminia Moricone, Arnaud Mouriamé, Iman Moussamih, Amandine Moutier, Bertille Ogier, Vincent Orianne, Nicolas Przeor, Katia Rocha, Marc Scozzai, Elizaveta Shtah, Leo Thiebaut, Claire Thill, Nicolas Tremblay, Elric Vanpouille