Actress (Live A/V) + Graham Dunning + Sensu (DJ set)


Actress (UK)

Dubbed «one of the preeminent and most singular voices in UK electronic music» Actress produces his tracks by melding his obsession with textures, his devotion to Detroit techno and his unequaled beat-matching skills. Actress has also released some of the most widely talked about artists of the emerging bass generation (Disrupt, Zomby, Lukid and Starkey) on Werkdiscs, the label he co-founded.


After performances at the Tate Gallery, the Barbican or the ARTE Concert Festival (but before Sónar Barcelona this summer) Actress will be in Luxembourg for one of his legendary, mesmerizing live shows.



Graham Dunning (UK)

Graham Dunning’s live work explores sound as texture, timbre and something tactile, drawing on bedroom production, tinkering and recycling found objects. He’s self-taught, which may explain his freedom as an artist and musician. "If you define yourself as a sound artist rather than a musician you widen your horizons considerably," he says.


With Mechanical Techno he deliberately avoids the precision of computer-created music. His record deck is an installation that activates objects and instruments, leaving plenty of room for chance elements and turning sounds into perfectly imperfect music.


Each set-up is unique, each performance is one-of-a-kind. Nobody will ever hear what you are about to hear!


Sensu (BE)

For years Sensu was one of the voices of the electronic music underground in Belgium. He originally started out as an experimental ambient DJ, but quickly refocused his ambition, adding club music to his palette. Originally influenced by the Berlin techno sound of the nineties, he quickly reached further, always choosing a less direct path to get his message across. Avant-garde and modern classical music are still close to his heart, a love often displayed in his eclectic DJ sets. Over the past few years, he has delved into disco and industrial music.


Sensu has held residencies in Recyclart, Café Belga and Wax Club in Brussels and regularly plays in the Villa Wüller in Trier. He was one of the founding members of the Manna and Plain collectives, bringing original and leftfield artists to Belgium, often for the first time. He was involved with the Belgian label for experimental music Testtoon Records and is a frequent Meakusma collaborator as a DJ and writer. The Manchester-based label Meandyou released a track of his in 2016 to great acclaim.

Venue       : Klub

Date           : Ven 01.03.19


>20:30 Doors

>21:15 Graham Dunning "Mechanical Techno" live set

>22:15 Actress

>23:30 Sensu (DJ set)


Price         : 15€