video & stop motion animation

Atelier vidéo :

crée ton mini-film de science-fiction sur le Luxembourg

Rotondes & 2030,WHEN i GROW


During this workshop participants will uncover the secrets behind the making of science fiction films. Working from the theme "Luxembourg: a story of science and technology in the future", this workshop introduces children to participatory filmmaking. They will explore the basics of scriptwriting, filmmaking, animation, and green screen over two 3-hour sessions.


At the end of the workshop, children will have understood how science fiction films are produced, how to use green screen and combine stop-motion animation with live action to create a hybrid film.


2030, WHEN i GROW UP

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educational supervision: Andra Maria Matresu (fondatrice de 2030,WHEN i GROW

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no prior knowledge required

Age                     : 7-11

Language   : in French

Duration     : 2 x 3h

Venue      : Galerie (Rotonde 1)

Dates      : Sat 02.03.19 >15:00-18:00 (day 1)

                              Sun 03.03.19 >14:00-17:00 (day 2)

Participants are required to attend both sessions.

Price        : 12€ / 1,50€ with the Kulturpass