Audiovisual shows

AudioVisual Night 1


with: Tadej Droljc, Amosphère and Bird Signals for Earthly Survival

Beambreaker by Tadej Droljc _ 07 _ Lunchmeatfestival by Jakub_Dolezal.jpg

Beambreaker by Tadej Droljc © Jakub_Dolezal

Beambreaker by Tadej Droljc _ 08 _ Lunchmeatfestival by Dita Havrankova.jpg

Tadej Droljc (SI) – Beambreaker


Beambreaker is a work by Slovenian artist and creative coder Tadej Droljc composed of lasers, lights, bent mirrors, and sound. The performance creates volumetric, audiovisual objects through the synchronisation of broken light beams and sound waves. As we observe these objects, the question remains: Are we listening to the sound of moving light structures or are we watching an embodiment of sound? Within the poetic space of Beambreaker, all these interpretations are equally valid, which creates a very personal experience for each person, fuelled by their unconscious desires.

© Dita Havrankova

FRI 03.12


20:00: Doors

20:30: Tadej Droljc (no late entry possible for this show)

21:15: Amosphère

22:15: Bird Signals for Earthly Survival


Grande Salle



≤26: 8€

>26: 12€


≤26: 10€
>26: 15€

Tadej Droljc Beambreaker is supported by Kino Šiška – Centre for Urban Culture & osmo/za

Amosphère is presented in a collaboration with Maintenant festival, as a SHAPE artist 2021. SHAPE is a platform which is co-financed by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Amosphère (FR, CN) – Live A/V


Amosphère is a Paris-based composer and multidisciplinary visual artist. A classically trained pianist, she writes music scores using collected data and visual objects translated into sounds and performances. As such, her work questions time, space, cosmology, the natural environment, human perception and psycho-physical effects through sonic meditations. Her debut solo album will be released on 33-33 Label.


© Rebekka_Deubner


© David Gallard

Bird Signals for Earthly Survival

feat. Mehmet Aslan (CH), گليثر ٥٥ Glitter (MA), Stratis Vogiatzis (GR) & Malo Lacroix (FR)


As our ecosystems deteriorate rapidly, are there answers to be sought in migratory flights of birds? According to an old myth, migrating birds perpetuate a lost language and communicate Earth's transformations to other land creatures through signals.


Initiated by producer and graphic designer Mehmet Aslan, surrounded by Moroccan DJ Glitter, anthropologist and filmmaker Stratis Vogiatzis, and visual artist and performer Malo Lacroix, the audio-visual performance Bird Signals for Earthly Survival uses a variety of media, such as video, photography, soundscapes, electronic sounds and performative voice, and shows migratory flights as a metaphor for the environmental challenges and for the refugee crisis.


A powerful work that shows the visual dimension of music, and the missing link between ecology, science and art.