Edit-a-thon :

make wikipedia more

feminist and more queer

In collaboration with CID | Fraen an Gender &

Pink Ladies − Queer Women Luxembourg


© Voix Des Femmes

Wikipedia is not a neutral, non-biased space. In 2011 a Wikimedia Foundation study found that less than 10 % of contributors identified as women. Several studies have also shown that Wikipedia is sexist and heteronormative, with women, sexual minorities and gender minorities hardly present in its articles, or misrepresented in them. That’s why edit-a-thons (a portmanteau of “edit” and “marathon”) are held worldwide. These interactive workshops aim to address gender inequalities by rewriting Wikipedia articles and provide access to cyberspace and the technological community to people who are often excluded from it.


In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to make Wikipedia more feminist and queer. After a short introduction, they will work on concrete initiatives and campaigns that have taken/take place in Luxembourg: Women's Strike, LGBTIQ+ Pride, Si je veux... Participants will have the opportunity to do research, discover how Wikipedia works, and complete and create articles on queer and feminist initiatives in Luxembourg. If we don't write our history, who will?

Sat 17.04 >14:00-16:00






Adults (16+)


General introduction in French

Technical introduction in English (in Luxembourgish or French if needed)

Corrections of pages in Luxembourgish, French, German and English according to the preferences of each participant


No prerequisites required

The workshop is open to women and LGBTIQ+ people

Online or offline, kindness and mutual respect will be key


Free, registration required

Research & supervision:CID | Fraen an Gender (Joëlle Schwinnen), Pink Ladies − Queer Women Luxembourg (Enrica Pianaro) .

Technical supervision : Rotondes,

Rosa Paardenkooper (Art+Feminism)

With the support of: Centre LGBTIQ+ CIGALE a.s.b.l.