Panel discussion

Digital inequalities in Luxembourg

Where things stand


Moderation: Raymond Klein


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According to a recent study, Luxembourg is ranked eighth in the Digital Gender Equality Index. Furthermore, since September this year students in lycées across the country have been introduced to working with robotics, internet ethics and artificial intelligence. So, it seems like everything is on the right track, Luxembourgers are being prepared for the digital realities. But is this really the case? What about inequalities? Are they not reinforced, or even created, with digitalisation?


During this round table, researchers, educators, and citizens will each weigh in on the topic.


The discussion will be moderated by Raymond Klein, journalist at woxx, former computer scientist, techno-enthusiast and technoskeptic ever since his first "microcomputer" and the age of the Minitel.

SAT 30.10 >19:30






In French and Luxembourgish, with simultaneous translation in French for discussions held in Luxembourgish


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