video mapping

Introduction au mapping

Digital artist Steve Gerges offers an initiation in video mapping, a multimedia technology that can project light and videos on solid objects, recreate large-scale images on 3D objects or entire 360° universes.


Participants will learn how to use the basic functions of the Resolume software used by VJ’s and video artists, and will try their hand at mapping on objects.


The workshop is for anyone interested in new video technologies and will take place in three stages:

  • presentation of techniques and artists linked to video mapping;

  • introduction to the Resolume software: basic functions, video import, video playback, drawing of clipping masks;

  • mapping of objects, in groups of 2.



Steve Gerges

Steve Gerges is a Luxembourg-based motion designer and director who makes videos and visual installations from scratch. In his 20+ years of experience he has had the opportunity to work with numerous artists: he is the official VJ for Artaban, he has created visual identities for bands like Ice in my Eyes, Sh’napan, Mount Stealth, Rabbit in a Bar and more recently Monophona. As a visual artist, he was signed by the label RESOLUME. He has presented interactive installations at the Rotondes, MUDAM, the Rock-A-Field music festival and has mapped the façades of Luxembourg’s judicial quarter during the Luxembourg Light Nights in 2016.


Meet the artist:

Sun 03.03.19 >13:00-13:45 (Galerie)

CeCiL’s BOX by Steve Gerges - FIELDS

Sat 09.02.19 - Sun 12.05.19

at the Cercle Cité (rue du Curé, L-1368 Luxembourg)

no prior knowledge required

Age                 : 16+

Languages : in French and Luxembourgish

Duration       : 2x4h

Venues            : Studios 3 & 4


Sat 02.03.19 >14:00-18:00 (day 1)

Sun 03.03.19 >14:00-18:00 (day 2)


Participants are required to attend both sessions.

Price            : 12€ / 1,50€ with the Kulturpass



Participants are asked to bring their own laptop.

A version of the Resolume mapping software will be available during the workshop.