interactive sound installation + dance and sound performance

La Vallée Dérangeante

A Rotondes coproduction / creation, première


La Vallée Dérangeante (Uncanny Valley) is an architectural installation located between interactive staging and sound and choreographic performance which questions the notion of avatar and artificial intelligence through the concept of the «uncanny valley». Theorized by Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori, the concept explores the emotional response of man to non-human entities (robots, cuddly toys, video game characters, etc.). According to Mori, the more an animated entity looks like us, the more likely it is to trigger a sense of familiarity in the human observer. However, as the similarity becomes too striking, the familiar becomes disturbing and empathy quickly disappears. 

In La Vallée Dérangeante the audience is confronted with an "other": a digital entity that puts us face to face with our own otherness, an intimate and therefore disturbing "strange familiar". Here the digital entity seeks to overcome its status as an algorithmic machine, to become a form of autonomous, emancipated artificial intelligence.

This encounter with this "other" is staged through a device that explores fragility, transience, immateriality and solemnity, with sails floating in the air. The "other" appears and seems to react to the presence of the audience in a strange way. There is a real trance-like moment where we do not know which one out of the algorithmic machine or the human being inhabits the other, as several dancers explore different corporal states that interact with the "other".

La Vallée Dérangeante is the result of a collaborative creative process in which different artistic fields intersect with digital innovation. Laura Mannelli has worked with sound artist DyE, a.k.a. Juan De Guillebon, for the sound plasticity; with choreographer and dancer Aude Arago to explore different corporal states and develop a choreographic script; with Frédérick Thompson to achieve a sense of serendipity for the real and the virtual and create the immersive design of the "other"; and with Sonic Invasion for the sound spatialization.

Laura Mannelli

Luxembourg artist/architect Laura Mannelli uses digital art as a means of exploring and reflecting on digital cultures, virtual realities and the new paradigms they generate. At the 2017 Triennale Jeune Création she exhibited an immersive digital art installation inspired by The Divine Comedy, titled Near Dante Experience. Back at Rotondes in 2018 she mixed golf and night clubs in Club The Golf, an interactive architectural installation designed for the  18 – Une nouvelle approche du minigolf interactive exhibition.

un projet de Laura Mannelli / avec les collaborations artistiques de : Juan De Guillebon allias DyE, artiste sonore &  Aude Arago, danseuse et chorégraphe / design immersif, CTO et intégration IRL : Frederick Thompson / spatialisation sonore : Sonic Invasion / coproduction : Rotondes, lA / soutiens : Fondation Indépendance (LU), Centre Des Arts d’Enghien les Bains (FR) / création 2019

Restitution aux Rotondes du 1er Etats de corps du projet : Etats de corps #1

© Laura Mannelli


Venue   : Grande Salle (Rotonde 1)

Dates     : Fri 01.03.19 >18:00-20:00 >20:30-24:00

                             Sat 02.03.19 >18:00-24:00

                         Sun 03.03.19 >11:00-17:00

Price      : free entry



Venue    : Grande Salle (Rotonde 1)

Dates     : Fri 01.03.19 >19:00 >21:00 >23:00

                             Sat 02.03.19 >19:00 >21:00 >23:00

Duration   : 15'

Price      : free entry


Meet the artist:

Sun 03.03.19 >13:00-13:45 (Galerie)