Meet the artists #2

with Damiano Picci (Sonic Invasion), Karolina Markiewicz & Pascal Piron


Meet the Artists lets visitors find out more about the artists involved in Multiplica. In these quick but focused exchanges, artists share with the audience their unique approaches to the fields of digital arts and digital culture. Get a glimpse into the artists' minds: their works, their creations, and visions for the future.


Join us at one of our cozy spaces at the Rotondes to listen in and ask your burning questions. Or get involved online through our live stream on the Rotondes’ social media channels. All talks are free for anyone to attend. You don’t need to be an expert in art and technology, all that’s required is a curious mind.

Damiano Picci (Sonic Invasion)

Damiano Picci is a member of Sonic Invasion, a young, Luxembourg-based company that focuses on sound in all its forms. Ranging from audio design and VR sound to media art, the four audio enthusiasts explore the diverse uses of sound.  A piece of art that is constantly being metamorphosed questions our concepts of matter and time. This very futuristic, scientific and almost non-materialistic vision keeps inspiring Sonic Invasion’s productions.

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Karolina Markiewicz & Pascal Piron

Karolina Markiewicz and Pascal Piron started working as an artist duo in 2013. Their collaborative work creates links between film, visual arts and theatre. At its center is the individual as part of a human community, oscillating between resignation and hope.  One of their projects currently in pre-production is Sublimation, an interactive dance experience in VR about butoh dance and the creation process, selected for the Cinema VR 2019 Venice Biennale.

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Language   : in French

Duration     : 45'

Venue             : Galerie (Rotonde 1)

Date          : Sat 02.03.19 >18:30-19:15

Price        : free entry

Damiano Picci
Karolina Markiewicz
Pascal Piron