Meet the artists #3

with Laura Mannelli, Fingerlab, Steve Gerges


Meet the Artists lets visitors find out more about the artists involved in Multiplica. In these quick but focused exchanges, artists share with the audience their unique approaches to the fields of digital arts and digital culture. Get a glimpse into the artists' minds: their works, their creations, and visions for the future.


Join us at one of our cozy spaces at the Rotondes to listen in and ask your burning questions. Or get involved online through our live stream on the Rotondes’ social media channels. All talks are free for anyone to attend. You don’t need to be an expert in art and technology, all that’s required is a curious mind.

Laura Mannelli

Luxembourg artist/architect Laura Mannelli uses digital art as a means of exploring and reflecting on digital cultures, virtual realities and the new paradigms they generate. At the 2017 Triennale Jeune Création she exhibited an immersive digital art installation inspired by The Divine Comedy, titled Near Dante Experience. Back at the Rotondes in 2018 she mixed golf and night clubs in Club The Golf, an interactive architectural installation designed for 18 – Une nouvelle approche du minigolf interactive exhibition.

> what to see at Multiplica: La Vallée Dérangeante (Uncanny Valley)


Fingerlab is  a 4-member team from the Paris area who created and developed  Yuri.  The Potier brothers’ independent video game pays homage to classics of the genre and to adventure comics. The moody atmosphere is achieved thanks to Ange Potier’s detailed drawings .

> what to see at Multiplica: Yuri

Steve Gerges

Steve Gerges is a Luxembourg-based motion designer and director who makes videos and visual installations from scratch. In his 20+ years of experience he has had the opportunity to work with numerous artists  (Artaban, Ice in my Eyes, Sh’napan, Mount Stealth, Rabbit in a Bar , Monophona) and to present interactive installations at the Rotondes, MUDAM, the Rock-A-Field music festival.

> what to do at Multiplica: Introduction au mapping vidéo

> more elsewhere: As part of the Cercle Cité’s CeCiL’s BOX project Steve Gerges presents FIELDS, an interactive installation. It will remain visible from 09.02.19 until 12.05.19 at the Cercle Cité (4th window display, rue du Curé, L-1368 Luxembourg).  Opening in the presence of the artist on Friday 08.02.19 from 12:00.

Language  : in French

Duration    : 45'

Venue              : Galerie (Rotonde 1)

Date         : Sun 03.03.19 >13:00-13:45

Price       : free entry

Laura Mannelli

© Fingerlab

Steve Gerges