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Thibault Brunet (FR)

For the Rotondes’ new loop French artist Thibault Brunet has adapted his Territoires Circonscrits project, a research in photography inspired from old commissions by public authorities, such as the heliographic mission.


To make his images Thibault Brunet uses a tool (put at his disposal by Leica Geosystems) that scans space and renders it in a cloud of linear points. Because rendering is closer to drawing than photography, this technique blurs the codes of representation. The landscape/subject is no longer limited by the horizon or the frame, but extends in a circle around the camera, and fades as it moves away from the lens, leaving a blind spot in its place.


Thibault Brunet’s "vision machine" echoes the first shots taken in dark rooms. The device used is heavy and makes reaching shooting locations difficult. Exposure is long and reveals the narrative potential of the image by showing the passage of time on people and things. These images, taken mainly along the Luxembourg border where the frozen landscape seems to be waiting for something, are a reference to German romantic period paintings but also to a mode of perception derived from video games.



Thibault Brunet

Thibault Brunet is a French artist whose work plays with the coded genres of photography and questions the relationship with virtuality in a society that is moving more and more towards digitalization.


A graduate of ENSBA in Nîmes, Thibault Brunet has travelled through virtual worlds with his camera in search of images, which he has exhibited in several European cities since 2011, including at the Mois de la Photo in Paris, Berlin and Vienna (2012). Thibault Brunet is part of France (s) Liquids Territories collective project whose work was presented during the 2015 Biennale de Lyon and the BnF in 2017. His current project, Territoires Circonscrits, was recently presented at the Pompidou Center in Paris at the Imprimer le monde exhibition.


Thibault Brunet is represented by Galeries Binome in Paris and Heinzer Reszler in Lausanne.



The loop artistic cycle allows Rotondes to host unique and uniquely-sized video installations. Guest artists are offered the opportunity to explore new perspectives thanks to our large-scale 200 x 700 cm screen/exhibition space hanging above the bar of the Buvette.

production : Rotondes / in partnership with the Cercle Cité

©Thibault Brunet

Venue      : Buvette (Rotonde 2)

Dates       : Fri 01.03.19 >18:00-01:00 (opening)

                          Sat 02.03.19 >11:00-01:00

                          Sun 03.03.19 >11:00-19:00

Price      : free entry, except when events  are taking place                                   at the Klub

After the festival the loop will remain visible until 30.06.19 during Buvette opening hours.


Meet the artist:

Fri 01.03.19 >18:30-19:15 (Galerie)

As part of the Points of View exhibition Thibault Brunet also shows the Soleil Noir project at the Cercle Cité from 14.02.19 to 17.03.19.