meet the artist + guided tour  

Meet Romain Tardy

followed by a tour of The Great Indecision Council with the artist


No matter how deep or shallow one’s interest in arts, technology or our digital society, Romain Tardy’s name should ring a bell to nearly everyone. During this Meet the Artist, Tardy will explain the evolution of the so-called digital arts from the early 2000s until the present day, from his time as a student by day and a VJ by night to his latest collaborations and installations across the world.


Tardy’ spectacular and accessible works question the digital era we live in and help us understand it. Together with the participants he will try and define what digital arts are exactly, and determine the role of the artist in today’s society.


Finally, Tardy will go back to the story behind The Great Indecision Council, which is being presented at Multiplica: the creative process, the collaborations, the exhibitions, etc. The session will end with Tardy  giving a guided tour of the installation.


Romain Tardy

Romain Tardy is an artist who spent four years studying art and design before deciding that «it was time to do something else».


His works establish a direct connection with everything digital. However, Tardy doesn’t necessarily use the term «digital art» to describe them. His installations are mostly IRL, offline because to him «the screen is not the limit». They are designed as sensory experiences using video mapping, sound and lighting effects. They question technological progress and its repercussions on society.


Romain Tardy used to work in animation and post-production studios. Even as a student he was already a professional VJ, which led him to work on collaborations with major artists such as Jay Z, Flying Lotus or Murcof and to the creation of the ANTIVJ label where he worked from 2008 to 2013. Currently he lives and works in Brussels. As well as his personal creations, he does creative and art direction, and art consulting.

© Romain Tardy

Age                     : 16+

Language   : in French

Duration     : 2h

Venues          : Plateforme (Rotonde 1) + Rotonde 2

Date                  : Sat 02.03.19 >16:00-18:00

Price       : free entry, registration required by email  at                                               or by phone (+352 2662 2030,                                        Tue-Fri >13:30-18:30)