laser cutting

Le secret des Jedi :

une introduction à la découpe laser

Rotondes & Fab Lab Luxembourg

A laser is a pretty mighty tool, not just useful for light saber duels between members of a dysfunctional family whose patriarch likes to wear a mask. It is also a terrific creative device.


Under the supervision of Fab Lab Luxembourg, participants will become familiar with simple laser cutting techniques. They will use the Rhino3D application software to create different shapes and solid objects. These are then cut in cardboard using a laser and finally assembled. The results will serve as projection surfaces for the mapping installation that is accessible to everyone in the Galerie.


Young Jedi in training, are you ready to uncover the universe’s best kept secret?

artistic and educational supervision: Fab Lab Luxembourg

no prior knowledge required

Age                      : 12+

Languages : in French and English

Duration       : 3h

Venue               : Galerie (Rotonde 1)


Ven 01.03.19 >18:00-20:00 (démo, entrée libre, sans inscription)

 Sam 02.03.19 >15:00-18:00 (séance 1)

Dim 03.03.19 >14:00-17:00 (séance 2)


Registrations are either for Saturday or Sunday: the programme will be the same on both days.

Price                 : 6€ / 1,50€ with the Kulturpass