interactive installation

Waterlight Graffiti

Antonin Fourneau (FR)

For centuries alchemists have wondered how to turn lead into gold. Antonin Fourneau has seen his own similar quest come to fruition when he found a way to turn water into light. Since water is a conductor of electricity, why not use it as a light switch of sorts? Thanks to this simple and bright idea, a few drops of water now have the power to turn on the thousands of LEDs in the wonderful Waterlight Graffiti installation.


Visitors can draw or write, use brushes, sprays or stamps of their own creation to express themselves freely on the interactive artwork. However, the mark they leave will be ephemeral: the LEDs will switch off as the water evaporates and takes all the messages with it into the dark.

Antonin Fourneau

After graduating from the Aix-en-Provence Art School and the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD, Paris) Antonin Fourneau was selected for a residency at the Tokyo Wonder Site in 2007, followed in 2008 by a residency at Medialab Prado in Madrid. Most of his research has focused on interactive art, popular culture and creative interactions within large groups of people.


In 2012 he created the famous Waterlight Graffiti installation which has won critical acclaim and is still being exhibited around the world to this day. He is currently professor in new media design at the EnsAD and a guest lecturer in several other major design schools.

This installation has been created for Multiplica 2019 thanks to the support of 

© Adrien Frappat

Age            : 4+

Duration  : non-stop

Venue      : Galerie (Rotonde 1)

Dates      : Fri 01.03.19 >18:00-24:00

                          Sat 02.03.19 >18:00-24:00

                          Sun 03.03.19 >11:00-17:00

Price       : free entry

The installation will remain at the Rotondes’ site until February 2020.



Meet the artists:

Fri 01.03.19 >18:30-19:15 (Galerie)

Pixel Stamp:

Fri 01.03.19 >18:00-20:00

Sat 02.03.19 >18:00-20:00

Sun 03.03.19 >11:00-17:00