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Fingerlab (FR)


It’s nighttime. Yuri wakes up in the middle of a dark forest covered in giant plants and inhabited by mysterious creatures. Without ever leaving his rolling bed he will have to find his way out by clinging to the less frightening lianas and jumping on backs of the friendlier animals.


Yuri will be able to count on the support of the audience to get him out of this bad dream as some spectators will become players. A band will create a live soundtrack tailormade to Yuri’s adventures, from the forest to the centre of the Earth!



The game

Yuri, the Potier brothers’ independent video game, pays homage to classics of the genre and to adventure comics. The moody atmosphere is achieved thanks to Ange Potier’s detailed drawings and the sounds and music created for the game. This platform game, released in 2017, is the work of Fingerlab, a 4-member team from the Paris area.

flute, piano: Aurélien Potier / percussion: Bertrand Groussard / bass: Pierre Legay / production: Fingerlab / Yuri received a subsidy from the CNC for its development. / Yuri is available in the AppStore for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac.


Free access to the video game in the Galerie (Rotonde 1).

Meet the artists:

Sun 03.03.19 >13:00-13:45 (Galerie)

© Fingerlab

Age              : 7+

Language  : no words

Duration    : 90'

Venue             : Black Box

Dates       : Sun 03.03.19 >14:30 >16:30

Price        : 6€ / 1,50€ with the Kulturpass